Anthony Romanowski
∙ NRA Certified Instructor since 1994 (Personal Protection Inside the Home, Home Firearm Safety, Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun)
∙ Police Officer/Detective since 1995
∙ Police Firearms (MCOLES) Certified Instructor since 1998
∙ Grand Traverse County Chief Firearms Instructor
∙ MCOLES (Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards) Civilian Pistol Safety Training Course Instructor (CCW) Since 2001
∙ Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response Trainer
∙ Critical Space Pistol Course from Handgun Combatives, LLC
∙ Northwestern Michigan College Police Academy Chief Firearms Instructor
∙ Certified Glock, Colt M-16/AR-15 and Sig Sauer P229 Armorer
∙ U.S. Marine Corps Infantry (0311) 4 years
∙ U.S. Marine Corps Presidential Honor Guard 2 years
∙ International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Range Safety Officer
∙ National Rifle Association Endowment/Life Member Since 1992
∙ Handgun Red dot instructor